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Who is this course suitable for?

  • The target group is vehicle drivers who should transport dangerous goods in small quantities.
  • The course is also suitable for shippers and dispatchers.


Advantages for drivers and employers

  • The course can be attended in one go or in stages. You attend it when there is time.
  • The certificate is automatically generated when you pass the course, you receive it immediately.
  • You can print out the certificate or save it as a PDF on your mobile phone. This way you always have your certificate with you.
  • The handout can be printed out. You can also save it on your mobile phone.
  • The course is tailor-made for drivers who are to transport small quantities. There is no superfluous ballast.

What do you learn here?

  • The basics of the transport of dangerous goods
  • The relevant small quantity regulations
    • 1,000-point rule
    • Limited quantity (LQ)
    • Excepted quantity (EQ)
    • Lithium batteries according to special regulation 188
    • Diagnostic specimen
  • Behaviour in case of incidents


What is the main objective of the course?

  • Get to your destination safely and without fines!

Course participants receive a certificate of attendance upon completion of the course.  The certificate serves as proof of training according to 1.3 in conjunction with 8.2.3 ADR for the vehicle driver and his employer. The validity is not limited. However, in order to meet the legal requirements in a legally secure manner, the course should be renewed annually.


How does this course work?

The core of this virtual course is to understand the regulations and specifications, not to learn them by heart. For this reason, the individual learning steps are divided into quite small bites, which are followed by corresponding learning objective checks. If you like, you can complete the entire course in about two hours. If you don’t like it so fast, you can let each learning unit sink in individually – take the time you need! There is no time limit for you; learning objective tests and the final test can be repeated several times. Methodologically, you will find units for reading, graphics, audio files and short videos.


Offer and prices

Our course offers are aimed exclusively at corporate clients and not at private individuals. Therefore, all prices are net prices. The applicable VAT according to national law will be calculated during the payment process and shown on the invoice. Do you have a few more employees who need to be trained? Ask us for a package price at We will be happy to make you an offer you cannot refuse.